Friday, June 11, 2010

A Dream Come True

I've pinched myself a couple times but the sound of waves and the feeling of sand between my toes won't go away. I am really spending my entire summer working at Cannon Beach! I have wanted to do this ever since we came here over ten years ago. What a blessing for it to work out this summer.

I drove down yesterday with a friend who goes to school with me and is also working here. My housing situation had been changed a few times and I requested a switch from the old, tiny dorms to the new and nicer ones. Unfortunately the room I got was not that great, teeny tiny storage that was mostly taken over by the two other girls. Everything was dirty so I had to clean before unpacking. Oh, and one of the girls had pet bugs in cages and apparently some got out today? ewww So, I was able to request a room switch with my friend from school and two other cools in a bigger, cleaner, and bug-free room! I'm all moved in and decorated.

I made myself a promise that I will go to the beach everyday this summer. How could you not when it's about 100 yards away?

I am working on Program staff which is with the children and I find out tomorrow what age group I get! The staff seem really fun so far. Training was long and full of those "learn everyone's name" games. We had our first of many bonfires tonight. It was so fun to see the stars and getting to know some fun people by asking all sorts of crazy questions.

I should probably go to bed now so I can function tomorrow. We have to do a challenge course.

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  1. I like that you are going to blog this summer journey. LOVE the picture you posted. :D