Thursday, June 17, 2010

Children are so precious

K, it's late, I'm tired but I have something I really want to share so here's a real quick update of what I did today. Jog to Haystack and back, which I am VERY proud of and still kinda in shock that I did it. Learned about classroom management, learned how to strip and make a bed and clean a bathroom according to the housekeeping system here, made and practiced a skit to introduce our age group at the first dinner when guests arrive (our song is "Get Your Kicks on Route 66"), cleaned our classroom, made posters and worked on lesson plans, watched our boss's son win a little league baseball game, and attended Bible study. Very fun and long day. It is always hard to remember at night what I did that day. Now to what I really want to share.

Two hours ago I said goodnight to my parents on the phone and said I was going to bed. However, a Facebook comment informed me that my friends were playing games and I should come join. Against my better judgment since I was really tired and was getting up to run again tomorrow morning, I went to hang out with them thinking that once conferences started we might not have as much hang out time as now. When I arrived, they were done playing games and were now watching youtube videos of babies laughing, people getting hit in the head, and cute puppies. After laughing a lot, one guy showed us the following video:
We were all speechless and some were crying. We kinda talked then about how children are a parent's most prized possession and we have the responsibility for one week to protect them and teach them about God. Something I thought of was how amazing the dedication and love displayed by these parents, making so many sacrifices for their beloved son. The love of a parent is great, but how much more is God's love for each of us? And yet, how often do we ignore, postpone, or avoid that love? As a future teacher, I already was aware of my responsibility to prepare children for the world but this video made that so much clearer. Children are a gift from God. Life is a gift from God. Each day these parents celebrated with their child. Do we thank God for each day of life? I know I don't. I know I get stuck in a rut of "it's just another ordinary day." Children are a gift from God, and as a leader here this summer, I have a responsibility to take care of them and be a part of making that day special for them. I am still kind of speechless and amazed at the love of God.

And on that note, good night!


  1. Both the video and your words made me cry. Yes, my children are truly the most precious gift from God right after His gift of salvation and along side His gift of my marriage.

  2. The video made me cry, your post made me cry even MORE! Good reminder to be thankful each and every day. Also a good reminder as I prepare for VBS, those are God's children. Thank you! Love you. :) Mom