Saturday, March 25, 2017

My (Reality) Dream Living Room

I don't know about you...but I LOVE the show Fixer Upper. It makes me laugh, it makes me smile, it inspires me, and is the perfect me-time TV show to snuggle up on my couch, eat ice cream, and enjoy some peaceful relaxation in my seasonally-decorated living room. 

After reading "The Magnolia Story", I love the show even more. It was so great to learn their story and how they've gotten to where they are now with the successful business and TV show. I feel like I know them and if I saw them walking down the street we could chat for the first time ever but feel like old friends. They are just so endearing to me and I love what they do and how they live. I everyone else who watches the so in love with the homes and designs they create. Talk about dream homes and dream rooms! I told my mom recently that the next time I move its going to be to Waco so I can get a Fixer Upper home.
All decorated for spring on my piano "mantel". I love my new felt ball garland. It makes me so happy to sit on my couch and see this happy and colorful little space.

But that's truly just a dream, that's not reality. I won't be moving to Texas and I won't be getting a Chip and Joanna Gaines home. So for me, to "dream" about a house - or even just a room - like that will only cause me to feel envious, mopey, and discontent with the home and rooms I am blessed to have. From what I've read and seen, I know Joanna would agree and not want me to live that way. She would say I need to find the charm and character in what I already have and then use some creativity, resourcefulness, and effort to enhance it even more.
Always fun to fill each nook with a cute little something. Shelf from Target

And so, while I could easily make a blog post about my DREAM living room that I will never have, I'm instead choosing to enjoy what I love about my living room the way it currently is, and find a few ways that I can realistically make it the best room it can truly be.

I used Olioboard to create my first room style board. It was a lot of fun and will be useful to show my husband my overall vision for the room so he can help me make it happen. Some items were in the Olioboard library already, some are from Amazon, and the clock and built-ins are from Pinterest but I could not find a source.
Sources: Benjamin Moore Paint Color / Ladder / Striped Throw / Window Mirror / Plant / Candle / Coffee Table / Sofa / Striped Rug / Compass Pillow / Home Sweet Home Pillow / Globe / Wire Basket / Rifle Paper Co. Books / Lamp

If my living room were a bit bigger, I would love to include a cozy armchair like this one from Arhaus. It looks so comfy and inviting. They have a great selection of chair and sectionals including this option which is very similar to the one shown above.

I already own a very similar couch, a globe, and the Rifle Paper Co. books. I plan to make a blanket ladder as well as a similar rustic coffee table.This year, we are planning to make "built-in" shelves just like the ones in my mood board. Cupboards below to hide toys, movies, games, etc. and then open shelves on the sides and above the TV for pretty decor, books, and pictures. I would love to use that paint color on one of the walls adjacent to where the shelves will be to help break up all of the "white". I have aspirations to use that same paint color in two other places in our home as well.

I love farmhouse, rustic style but can't accept only neutral colors. I need pops of color to brighten and liven things up. All shades of aqua-y blue-greens (from teal to mint) and coral are my current favorites!

My original inspiration to make the built-in shelving unit was from a crafter I follow on Instagram - Katie @justaddsunshineinc. She is a huge lover of color and her feed is so bright and cheerful! She redecorates the little shelves and posts about them regularly. I'm a big fan of all her globes, mason jars, and colorful books!

Another Instagram account that I follow is Kara @kailochic. She also has a great built-in with lots of cute decor and happy colors. For our family, we will need to build something more like this one with the TV spot and cupboards below. I love the different sizes of her shelves but not sure that I can convince my husband to do this as he is already apprehensive about such a big project. 

Another super fun option for "built-in" shelves is this beautiful, rustic, barn-door style unit from Arhaus. I love that you can hide the TV when not in use. Although I don't think I could bring myself to hide all my pretty decor while watching TV so I think I'll save the barn door concept for somewhere else in my home. But I've never seen this before in all my built-in shelving searching so definitely a unique and fun idea.

I am looking forward to taking on this big DIY project with my husband this year to turn my living room into a space I love even more. Adding some sweat-equity to the great inspiration we already have is sure to create a very happy view for me when I relax to watch future seasons of Fixer Upper and smile as other people receive their dream living rooms too.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

2017 Goals

Hello again! After a couple years where blogging took a backseat, I'm finally back! I am now a stay-at-home mom with a three and half month old baby boy. Life is so different than when I last posted, but it is wonderful.

We are just a couple hours away from being done with the first month of 2017 already! How does time do that? That time-flying-by thing seems to have sped up ever since I've become a mom, which everyone warns it will. He's growing and changing so fast and I'm taking dozens of pictures and videos and writing down moments and memories as quick as I can.

I'm so excited for the next 11 months of 2017. I'm excited for all the development my little man will go through and all the fun family memories we will create. I always feel like a new year is a blank slate, with so much potential for creativity, serving, relationships, growth, and experiences. During the last couple days of December, I sat down to really think about how I wanted to spend my time this year, what I wanted to work on, to strive for. Here are the goals I came up with for 2017.

Monthly Goals: Here are the things I hope to accomplish each month:
  • memorize a verse/small passage of Scripture
  • read a book
  • go on a baby-free date with my husband
  • visit Easton's great-aunt and/or great-grandma
  • call 2 different friends
  • invite another couple/family over to our home
  • write at least one blog post
  • do one craft project
  • deep clean one part of my house
  • re-organize one part of my house
  • make a new dinner recipe
  • make a new dessert recipe
  • take Easton's monthly milestone pictures
  • weigh and measure Easton
  • send an email to Easton for the future 
This month, I accomplished all of those goals! This blog post is just barely making it into January and was the final thing to check off. I'll write another post next week sharing what I did for some of those and what my plans are for them in February.

Weekly Goals:
  • email with pictures to Easton's grandparents
  • phone call to my brother
  • me-time
  • take Easton's weekly milestone picture
  • exercise 3 times (yaaa....that hasn't been happening yet this year)
Then I also have tried to designate each day of the week with a different focus. I've tried cleaning schedules where you do one task each day, but that just doesn't work for me. I'm either in full-on cleaning mode or I'm not. So this new approach helps me to have one main focus for the day and know that if other things get accomplished too that's great, and if they don't it's okay too.

Mondays - Errand Day (grocery shopping, library, post office, etc. I try to save up errands for this day so I don't waste lots of time throughout the week going out to multiple stores)

Tuesdays - Sewing Day (go to my mom's house and sew for at least 2 hours--working on a quilt right now!)

Wednesdays - Cleaning Day (I alternate every other week with what I clean and add in portions of my deep cleaning and organizing projects for the month)

Thursdays - Project Life Day (devote at least 2 hours to working on my scrapbook albums. Unfortunately, I was only able to do this 2 of the 4 weeks this month)

Fridays - Creative Day (this was meant to be more open-ended to work on whatever I felt like whether it was my monthly craft, or more Project Life, planning, cooking, baking, etc. So far, this day has been filled with my part-time job and basketball. Hoping to be able to re-focus this day for more of a relaxed day)

Saturdays - Monthly Day (work on those monthly goals)

Sundays - Family Day (church, watching football, spending time chilling together, going out to dinner with my parents, getting ready for the next week by meal planning and figuring out our schedules.)

Daily Tasks
Each day I strive to:
  • do my Bible reading and a devotion
  • take a picture of something from my day
  • take a picture of Easton
  • take my vitamins
  • read for 20 minutes
  • drink 8 cups of water
  • do my Bing rewards (if you're curious, ask me! It takes me 5 minutes each day to earn points and I can redeem $10 in Amazon gift cards in one month).

To keep organized with all this as well as meal plans, meetings, appointments, to-do lists, reminders, basketball, etc. I use an Erin Condren Life Planner.
This is my second year owning and using one and IT IS MY FAVORITE! No this, is not a sponsored post, but I love this planner a lot. So if you are searching for a great do-it-all planner, check this one out! I will do another post with more details about my planner and how I use it. Everyone has different styles of how they like to plan and it took me a couple months last year to figure out my system. But it helps me stay so organized, plus its super pretty and fun with all the stickers! Oh, and yes even therapeutic, but that may just be me. 😃

You may think that seems like a lot! Too much to try to accomplish for a new mom. And to be honest, some days it is. Some days, I get us fed and dressed and that's about it. And I'm learning to be OK with that. After this first month, I did pretty well on accomplishing it all. I wasn't able to get to Project Life a couple weeks and totally didn't read at all one week, but other than that I was able to catch up on things here and there. All the snuggles, books read, and play time that happened in place of it was so wonderful. Each day, week, and month will be different as he grows and his needs change. His nap times will fluctuate and his independence will progress. But I'm the kind of person who needs goals in place so that when I do have those free moments I know exactly what I want to do. If I didn't write all those things out in my planner each week, I would waste a lot more time watching TV or browsing social media.

So yes, maybe its' too much sometimes, and maybe it's a bit backwards to plan for all these things I may never realistically have time for, but it works for me and it helps me to stay creative. (And to my brother, if there's any chance in a blue moon that you are even reading this, yes I know you are rolling your eyes and laughing at my OCDness with being organized and goal-oriented.) But to anyone else who chose to stay with me for this long post about my desired plans for this year, I hope that maybe some of my goals sparked some ideas and inspired you to try and work towards something new. My method may not work for you, that's okay. Find what works for you and find ways to enjoy the little and big moments of 2017!

Whew, and now I'm off to bed. So goodnight to January and hello February!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Housewarming Party

Last June, we moved into our new home. It's crazy to think it's already been over a year that we have lived here now. Little by little we are working on projects to make it more personalized and exactly how we want it.

After we moved in and got settled, I wanted to have a Housewarming Party so our friends could see our new place. As I was still new to the area, our circle of friend was pretty small and didn't know each other well. I didn't want just an awkward gathering of people all standing in one room staring at each other. So I turned to Pinterest for some fun ideas for a housewarming gathering.

Sadly, I found only a handful of ideas and none of them really interested me. So I came up with my own idea! We decided rather than lead each group of people through the house and show them every room, we would let them explore for themselves while on a fun mission. My husband and I created a scavenger hunt and it turned out really fun! It also cost us just a few dollars to put together.

Here's what you will need:
  • paint chips, a different color for each couple/person x 2 (one for guest, one for gift)
  • random, cheap White Elephant-type gifts that you already have around the house or go to the Dollar Store. We had a mug, candle, picture frame, SPAM, magic towel, photo coasters, mini package of coffee, and a few others I can't remember.
  • wrapping paper

We had two of each color of paint chip. One of each pair was used as the postcard to invite our friends. In a sad moment of blogger failure, I forgot to take any pictures. It was a basic invitation written on the 3 tones of paint colors saying When, Where, and to bring their invitation with them as the bottom color on their paint chip was their clue for a game.

We wrapped each random item, cut the bottom hues of each second paint chip and taped it on the gifts as a tag. Then my husband had a lot of fun hiding the gifts throughout the entire house. They were all visible without having to open any cupboards, drawers, etc. When our guests arrived, we explained the game. They would give themselves a tour of our home while searching for a wrapped present with a paint chip tag matching the bottom paint chip of their invitation. They were all so excited and immediately started exploring.

Once all the gifts were found (we had to help with a few of them), the fun continued with a White Elephant gift exchange. All the wrapped gifts were placed on the table. Going around the room, each person got to choose to open a new gift or steal someone's gift. We went around the circle two times and allowed multiple steals. Everyone enjoyed it and I think it was a really fun way for friends to see our new home without the awkward "and here is the other bedroom" tour.

And of course, what is a party without some good food? Well just plain boring that's what! I made Butterfinger Cookies, Pink Lemonade Cupcakes and Berry Ka-bobs.

I found these adorable striped straws and couldn't resist adding them to the cupcakes to look like little cups of lemonade!

Fresh berries are always a hit in the summertime.

This party was the first time I got to use my water canister. I love it and definitely need to have more parties so it can come out of the closet more often!

The whole spread, complete with a chalkboard menu.

Have you ever thrown a housewarming party? What fun things did you do?
Or have you ever been to a fun housewarming party and what did they do?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Fashion: Maxi Dress

Summer is my favorite time of year! While I love shopping for clothes any time of the year, summer clothes are also my favorite to wear. I love racerback tank tops and sun dresses the most. Anything that allows me to get (slowly) tanner and wear my super comfy Rainbow sandals is a big win in my book. This love for summer clothes can be dangerous however. Dangerous for my wallet. Especially if Target has a bajillion cute items at the same time. Oh!
Then it's all over.
Summer Fashion Chevron Maxi Dress
Excuse the grainy cell phone picture
I try to show restraint. And by "try" I mean avoid going in the stores with the cute clothes and tell myself I have plenty already and still love them so I don't need more. Well it usually works. But then, there's some adorable, must-have, on-sale summer dress that calls screams my name and I give in. This summer was no different. And the cute clothing item in question this time was this beautiful, coral and gray, chevron striped, racerback, maxi dress. All my favorite things combined into ONE garment! How could I NOT buy it?

Summer Fashion Chevron Maxi Dress

So I did! :) I did use a 15% discount mind you because, well, that helped justify it...even though I honestly needed no justifying since I'm not on shopping probation or anything. Once it came, I loved it even more than seeing the picture online! Don't you love it when that happens? For those of you wondering, the dress is from Kohls and is Lauren Conrad brand. My exact dress is no longer available online but you can find similar ones here and here.

Summer Fashion Chevron Maxi Dress

One of the things I love about maxi dresses is how versatile they are! With the right shoes and accessories they can be dressed up for a nicer event but with flip flops they are just as good for a casual summer day. Another thing I truly love about them is that it pretty much feels like you are wearing pajamas all day! Soooo comfy. So far I've worn it to my husband's basketball awards banquet, the awards ceremony at school, and my dear friend's bridal shower. I'm planning to wear it to church this Sunday.

Summer Fashion Chevron Maxi Dress

What's your go-to summer fashion?
Are there certain aspects (color, print, style) of clothing that make it hard for you to resist?
Do you ever feel the need to justify buying cute clothes even when no one else needs the reasoning but you?