Thursday, June 17, 2010

One Week has passed

This is a picture of my K2 team from our photo scavenger hunt the other day. Left to right is Mitch, Amber, Me, and Bruce.

Hard to believe that I have been here one week. In one week I have made about 50 new friends, have run over 4.5 miles, and learned so many great things in preparation for the kids coming on Monday. Which, by the way, we've heard that this first conference is going to be one of the biggest of the summer with over 150 kids! That's a little nerve-wracking starting like that but I know it will be good.

Today we ran again in spite of being VERY sore. Thankfully our day off is tomorrow because the arch of my left foot hurts and is tender on every step. Not sure why? We spent the morning learning about first aid (which we are only allowed to do band-aids and ice) and then spent more time preparing our lessons. During the extra long lunch break, I ate really fast so I could take a quick nap. Then I woke up and put on my bathing suit even though it was mid 50s and raining. Am I crazy? Well maybe, but not in this instance. We had a practice carnival today for us to learn how everything works and for the kids in the after-school program to have a fun last day and the bathing suit was needed because I was working the dunk tank station! It was actually really fun and I would do it again. The water was warm so sitting on the bench was cold and I wanted the kids to hit the target. Then we had dinner and a K2 staff outing to Seaside to ride bumper cars and then we watched the Final NBA game. I really could care less about basketball but I will watch it and like knowing to dislike the Yankees (but why exactly I don't know?), I know to also dislike the Lakers so I joined in the booing throughout the game. :) I finished off the night with some more volleyball which was fun although not as intense and fun as the other night. Headed to be now and so excited to sleep in a bit since we aren't running!
I have pictures but my computer is being retarded right now and won't read the card so I will post those tomorrow hopefully.

Prayer Requests:
~healing for my toe. I had a run-in with a bed the last week of school and it ripped my nail which came off today. It doesn't hurt but is vulnerable and gross.
~My boss' dad (Papa K, who also works here on grounds crew) has had some tests the last few days to find a reason for his limping and weakening lately. There is a possibility it is MS and he has had 2 uncles die from it. Please pray for my boss as she helps her parents and for comfort and peace for Papa K as he is quite shaken up and scared right now. Also prayer that upon more tests and examination, the Doctors would have a definite answer and that God would heal him.

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