Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Today, was a good day!

This is a picture of my three great friends here! We are so close already it is crazy. From left to right is Olivia, Jill, me, and Katie. Today and yesterday were Katie's days off so she went home and it crazy how much I missed her being with us. We laugh and talk so much I feel like we've been friends forever. I'm so blessed to have made such good friends here to walk through this crazy awesome summer together with.

The morning session today was fine, nothing spectacular, nothing awful. It was wonderful to have 5 hours of free time this afternoon for relaxing, resting, and hanging out with friends. In preparing for tonight's session, I felt that we really needed to bring things down a notch for this week's group of kids. The games we played last week were too complicated and not fun for these kids, so tonight we tried out charades, freeze tag, and coloring. The result = success! The kids all seemed much more open tonight. We planned to let them color for the first 15 minutes but a half hour later they were still drawing, laughing, telling stories and we were having a great time! I was able to make the stubborn boy smile and laugh several times tonight. He participated in more games and even volunteered to read verses for the lesson. He still won't sing at worship but it's such an improvement! I was so happy that our adaptations worked so well and kept the kids engaged and happy. When they were all coloring and talking with one another, no problems and no craziness, I got that feeling back--the one that says "yes, this is what I want to do with my life!"

After session I had my Bible study. I was really reluctant about it because I couldn't be in the same one with my friends since I have babysitting the night they all chose. Also, I didn't know the leader or who else was in my group. But...I love it! The lady leading it is really cool and I like her a lot already. The girls in my group are wonderful. One of them has been hard for me to read and figure her out but she helped in my class today and then was in my Bible study and we've started a little friendship that proved itself tonight on the stairs when she greeted me in a silly way and we chatted for a bit.

As if the evening wasn't going great enough, I went for a walk on the beach with Katie to share about our last couple of days. We have encouraging conversations. She comes up with the best analogies! I told her she should submit some to The Daily Bread or write devotions. I love the way she can look at a simple thing such as the tide or rumble strips on the highway and learn a lesson about our walk with God! Then Zach, Olivia, and Jill joined us and we continued the great talks.

How can so much awesome stuff have happened in 3 weeks? They have flown by, but I have soaked in every second.

Prayer Request--that I would take time for myself and to be alone with God in spite of the awesome people I want to hang out with.

Praises--that I am getting through to that boy.
--that the children reminded me of why I am here and why I am in college.
--that I have friends who listen and encourage and pray for me
--that God turns a second-option (Bible study night) into an exciting chance for new friendships and growth.

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  1. Three weeks already?? How can that be? So glad to hear you have made some great friends there and especially that you've gotten through to that little boy!