Friday, August 21, 2009

Hannah of Green Gables

Okay so it doesn't have quite the same ring to it. In the past week, I've watched Anne of Green Gables and the sequel with my parents. I love those movies! They follow the books SO well, which is rare. After the movie, I realized how alike Anne Shirley and I are. She's a teacher, I will be a teacher someday. She's a write, I am too, kinda. She talks a lot, I can too. She has a wonderful imagination, I do too. She is a romantic, and so am I. Every time I watch that movie, I wish I could live at Green Gables and in that time period. I love the clothes, the hair, the culture and the beautiful farm by the sea.

Back to reality is the weekend! I am so glad. Got off work a couple hours ago, sipping an Arnold Palmer (my new favorite drink) and heading out on the boat with friends in a little bit.


  1. To wear those clothes too...sigh, puffed sleeves.

  2. hey I actually know what an Arnold Palmer is!!!! I never knew till someone asked for one at OG and I was like 'huh'.