Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Day of R&R

Today was my day off which meant sleeping in, doing laundry, calling friends and laying on the beach. I also had the best coffee drink ever from Bella Espresso called a French Kiss Latte which is now my favorite. It is white chocolate, Irish cream, and good!!! And I also got sunburned. :( I was talking to a friend on the phone for about a half hour and apparently that is too long for me to go without sunscreen. Dang it! Only the very front of my arms are burned and then my neck and upper chest. However, I was wearing a large round shell necklace so there is a great outline of that on my neck! boooooo! Thankfully our uniform shirts have high collars and pretty long sleeves.

A few friends from SPU came to visit this evening. It was good to see them. We hung out on the beach, walked around town, and ate dinner at Mo's. I had a delicious shrimp dinner with 3 kinds of shrimp and french fries. I also had my first clam chowder. Didn't love it, but it wasn't bad and I ate it all.

Then I met up with friends from staff after the first session for a bonfire. We always have a great time talking and laughing together. There are a lot of bunnies here and tonight some of the guys were chasing this one around that kept coming back to our fire. It is so funny to watch them chase the bunnies. Then we realized why the bunny kept coming back, it was a momma guarding her little burrow of 3 babies near our fire!

Prayer Requests:
--one of the 4-5s leaders got sick and is in quarantine. Prayer that he would feel better and be able to come out soon because he is so lonely and bored.

--we only have 11 kids in class this week!

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