Monday, June 14, 2010

Exchanging Dirt for a Towel

Whoops, I forgot to write yesterday. We got Sunday off, which was so nice to relax after two busy days. I went to breakfast at Pig 'n Pancake with my friends Jill and Zach and then we went to Cannon Beach Bible Church. I thought my home church was small! This church was tiny with about 40 people and 15 of us were program staff from CBCC. It was a good sermon and the pastor used lots of Greek words which was fun because I tried to remember them from fall quarter and would write them on my bulletin. After lunch I went to Seaside with a new friend in search of a watch. I did not find one but bought some cute earrings instead. Then I napped and walked on the beach while calling some people. Then the three Summer Staff Ministers hosted SNL (Sunday Night Live) with some worship and sharing their testimonies. It was a really cool time and afterwards I had a lot of great laughs with some new friends.

Today we had more decoration and then learned about all the paperwork we have to do to keep track of kids, injuries, our hours, days off, etc. :S After the not-so-fun stuff we split into our age groups and went on a photo scavenger hunt requiring us to get pictures with big dogs, little dogs, Haystack Rock, several restaurants, seagulls, rolling down a sand dune, and more fun things. After dinner, my table hung around for an hour and a half having the most random and hilarious conversation. I got a great ab workout from all the laughter. I think it's going to be a fun summer. :)

Getting to the title of my of the parts of training today was about thinking about the dirt we brought with us to Cannon Beach and what it is we need to give up to God so we can focus on Him and our task to serve (towel = washing feet) the kids, their families, and our co-workers this summer. It was really powerful. As I sat looking at my cup of dirt, I thought about the past year. Wow, so much has happened. A lot of good, some bad, some awesome, and some awful. I am so blessed that God gave me this opportunity to work here. I'm missing out on seeing my family and friends and doing so many other things this summer, but it's for a reason--because He wants me here to learn something, to grow, to touch people's lives and be touched as well. I know what I've been holding on to, what to give up to Him and I've known for awhile and tried. But tonight as we were asked to do this again after so many convicting sermons at Bethany this year I still realize, I don't really know the "how". I know the "what" and "why" but applying it is not clicking for me. God has so much prepared and planned for me, better than I could ever imagine. Why can't I just give it all to Him and follow? How do I let go? I don't know that there's an easy answer. I think maybe it's just something I have to do each morning: wake up, give it to Him and then live that day with God in my sights. It sounds simple so why am I making it so difficult?

Lots of things to think and pray about. Right now I need to sleep though because somehow I convinced my crazy (not really) new girlfriends that I would run to Haystack with them at 7am. :P

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