Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I like campfires, but not smelling like them

Here is the K2 staff all dressed up for the intro skit!

Well, Day 2 of Conferences is done. This morning went great. Started out with a run to Haystack and a walk back during which I found a nickel-sized whole Sand Dollar! During session, we went to the park for games, lesson, and worship. I taught the lesson today and it went really well I think. I was teaching about God's power and love using Psalm 29, Matthew 6:26, and Romans 5:8. Psalm 29 mentions that God's voice can break the cedars. To demonstrate how powerful He is, I had a finger-width stick about two feet long that I broke pretty easily. Then I had all 18 kids and us 3 leaders hold hands and stand in a circle to show the width of a giant cedar (Redwood/Sequoia) tree and how God can snap it with just a word. I hope it was a good illustration to explain the point to the kids. After session and lunch, I was on sand sculpture shift meaning I went around to the different groups asking their names and what they were making. After the contest, we typed up a certificate for every participant and then we ate dinner with the guests and handed them out.

Evening session was quite different from the calm morning time. We tried to do too much in one evening I think. We tie-dyed the pillowcases for the craft and then went to the beach for lesson, bonfire, and s'mores. It was quite chaotic and messy all night. I am so surprised that I didn't get any dye on me with the way some kids were flinging and squirting it around. I am also surprised I didn't lose an eye or get marshmallow in my hair with all the sticks and roasted white puffs shoved my way to be made into s'mores. One little girl in particular was quite a handful tonight and I was very frazzled after class because she had not listened to any instructions and her energy was causing problems in all the activities.

After session, I met up with friends and we all quickly shared about our crazy evenings. Hopefully our eyes will look less glazed as the days go by. We always have funny stories or horror stories to share. Some kids are always getting hurt, others are adorable, some won't talk, others don't stop, and we all count 47 times because we're so afraid to lose a kid! To de-frazzle, we went to the intro Bible study session about Galatians put on by 2 of our 3 Summer Staff Ministers. All of staff is required to attend a weekly Bible study throughout the summer and I'm really excited to dig into Galatians.

After this, my friend Katie finished her babysitting shift and come to find out she had been with this really sweet, adorable little girl who was one in the same as the handful that had frazzled me only a couple hours earlier. Katie told me that this little girl was going on and on about how much she loved her leaders, the lessons, the songs, the games, and was so happy we had done the bonfire and tie-dye tonight. What a God thing for my friend to babysit this girl, of all 153 kids here this week and to then come tell me this. It was such an encouragement to know that even when it seems a kid is just doing their own thing and making me crazy, I am still having an impact and making a great week for them. Katie and I then spent awhile sitting on the beach looking at the moon and stars talking about our crazy day, our hopes for the summer and after college graduation. I am amazed at how close I have become to some of the staff here in only 12 days! My friend Zach has mentioned that "anyone who is willing to give up their summer to work with kids is an pretty cool to begin with" which is why I think we all immediately clicked and the friendships are so great and deep so fast.

Tomorrow is my day off and I'm very excited to take a break from meetings and little kids and relax. I'm going on an adventure to Portland with Jill, Olivia, and Zach, it's going to be great!

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  1. I wonder if you can fine tune that evening session for the coming weeks so there aren't so many things to do in one night. It was really nice to get the feedback from your friend on the impact you and the other leaders are making on that little girl. I only have two more classes and then the Sunday presentation - you still have a whole summer ahead!! Ditto on the campfire smell. ;)
    Thinking about you in Portland today, hope you are having fun!