Sunday, December 9, 2012

Wedding Decor now used as Home Decor

My birthday was just about a month ago, and one of the gifts my parents gave me was the rustic windows I had used as decor at my wedding (see picture below).

I borrowed these wonderful old windows from some friends at church. One of my friends wrote on the panes with a glass marker the significant dates of our love story. After the wedding, these windows along with some other rustic items we borrowed were returned to these friends. I found out on my birthday that a short while after the wedding, he contacted my mom asking if I was interested in having the windows to keep. My mom answered saying that I would love to have them (she was SO right...have you SEEN all the great rustic window decor possibilities on Pinterest???). So my mom got them from him and they gave them to me for my birthday. It was such a great surprise and I am looking forward to all the crafting possibilities with them in the future.

Thankfully, he had not erased the writing off the windows and there were no smudges. We decided for the time being (aka while we are still in our rental) that we will keep the writing on the panes and hang the windows as decor. Later, when we have our own house, I will erase and use the windows in various ways.

So then my husband and I set about to hand them, which included a trip to Home Depot (I love that store!)

We got some rope (rustic look for hanging) and eye-hooks.

Nate measured and screwed 2 holes on the top of each window and then we put the eye hooks in.

He searched for a good while for studs in the wall (this house is crazy...our landlord built it and it has many, umm...special, qualities) and then screwed holes.

Then came the fidgeting and finagling to get the frames the same height and level on the wall.

I love looking up there and remembering those great memories.

I think they fill that huge white space on the wall very nicely!

Have you used any decor from another event (such as a wedding) as decor for your home?

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