Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Christmas Presents

Well, I meant to post this yesterday. But, I slept in until noon (maybe your jaw dropped, but it was SO nice!) and then had to finish cleaning the house before the in-laws arrived.

Here are my Christmas presents!!!

From my mother and father in-law:

Cross country skis, poles (and boots  but we still need to shop and find ones that fit us)!

A Sterilite 3-drawer organizer. My mother-in-law found all sorts of crafting supply goodies and put them in the drawers. I added stuff I already have and now it sits on my desk ready for projects.
Icing Spatula--guess I need to make a cake now :)

Springy whisk (I don't know if that's the technical name but it's different than a normal whisk)
  Reusable canning lids and rings! How cool is that? I can't wait to use them this summer. 
I don't know if I posted about it...but for my birthday, my husband gave me a canning pot and a kit with all the essential tools and my in-laws gave me a food mill so now I will be well-equipped for some canning.

From my brother-in-law:
Kurt S. Adler 10 light star tree topper
Can't wait to put it on our tree next year!

From my parents:
A Silhouette Cameo!!! Oh my goodness I cannot wait to try this out. Thinking I will watch the instructional DVD and play with it today! It will cut up to 12 inches wide and 10 feet long on paper, vinyl, or fabric! You can also get marker cartridges for it so it can draw! You can put a color print and it will cut it out for you. Wow, this was such a surprise and I am so looking forward to all the crafting and classroom possibilities with it!

All these vinyl sheets! Some transfer paper too. My mom got it from Expressions Vinyl

The $10 download card and the mat on the left came with the Silhouette. Then I also got an extra blade and a longer mat (also from Expressions Vinyl.)

Project Life 12x12 Cobalt Binder

Project Life Cobalt Journaling Cards
I love taking pictures and have always liked the idea of scrapbooking. However, when I took time to sit down and work on it, I just get so overwhelmed by all the little stuff you can put on a page and it took me forever to do one page! My mom heard about Project Life and thought it would be a good fit for me. Slap the pictures in page providers and write about it on journaling cards. I can add embellishments if I want to but not necessary. Fast and easy, but still cute. That's my kinda scrapbooking! I have already started downloading several different cards that I find on Pinterest. So looking forward to getting some pictures printed and working on this.
Project Life Photo Pocket Pages Design A, pack of 60 pages. It hols 4 horizontal 4x6 and 4 vertical 3x4.
Project Life Photo Pocket Pages Design D, pack of 12 pages. It holds 4 vertical 4x6 and 4 horizontal 3x4.

Striped t-shirt dress from Shade


Black Jersey maxi skirt from Shade. It is SO comfortable. I love the heavier weight of it and yet it is so comfy too.
 Brown Corduroy Jacket by Calvin Klein Jeans from Costco

Head massager--it feels SO good.

Day ski pass! We have some cousins visiting in February and now we can go skiing with them!

From my brother:

My brother donated school supplies in my name through World Vision! This is the second year he had done this and I think it is so great. Reading the card makes me tear up!
Naturally Knotty™ Bamboo Wraps
Naturally Knotty Bamboo Wrap Scarf in Cloud Gray from Costco

From my husband:
A corded USB mouse. My wireless one drives me crazy sometimes and I mentioned it a long time ago...and he remembered! 

Pie cutter/server. This OXO utensil has serrated sides to cut the pie. We tried it out that night and it works really well! Very slick.

Fiskars paper trimmer! It has a fold-out ruler so that I can work with bigger pieces of paper and yes, it does have the pretty blue and white flowers on it too!

3-hole puncher! As a teacher, it is so great to have a tool like this at home.

What do you think? I was a bit spoiled huh? :) I love how my family thought of things to expand the possibilities of my hobbies! I am so grateful and looking forward to the fun these gifts will provide!

What did you get for Christmas? What was the biggest surprise?

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  1. FUN STUFF! I like seeing it all like this,although watching you open a good portion of the gifts was even more enjoyable. <3