Saturday, December 29, 2012

Is It Too Late?

Too late to post about my Christmas decorations? I wanted to post about the things I made and the decorating I did back in mid-December when everyone was having linky parties, but oh it was so busy with teaching, getting ready for Christmas and life. So I'm doing it now. Hey, it's still December at least!

I started with these wooden letters and spray paint from JoAnn's.

It became this! Our bathroom has a blue color scheme so I wanted to add some Christmas decoration that fit. The blue bells and white ribbon are also from JoAnn's. I hotglued the letters onto the ribbon.

 I started with spray adhesive from Hobby Lobby, styrofoam cones and red/silver/green glitter from Dollar Tree.

And it became three glittery trees! I got this idea from the blog eighteen25. Thanks for the fun idea! I couldn't find any candlesticks to glue them onto like she did and I was running out of time so they are just on a candle holder, candle lid and the top of the piano. Maybe next year I will put them in candlesticks.

I started with white ribbon and ornaments from JoAnn's.

And it became a cute way to fill the awkward "window" on our staircase. I got my inspiration for this idea from Pinterest and it was from the blog Saving Money Living Life. I think hers looks way better though. Next year I want to try it again but with some smaller balls and more variety of lengths like she did. It's hard to see, but I have dark blue, light blue, and silver balls.

I already showed you my Advent Calendar and entryway table decor here, but I thought I would include it with all the decor pictures. The wooden B on the bottom shelf was a wedding decor item and the BELIEVE basket was 60% off at Michael's.

 I did have a tall cylinder vase on the left side with a white taper candle in it filled with red and green mints as well. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures before our Christmas party when I lit the candle and it melted down several inches until the candle was lost in the mints and now it is all a melted stuck mess inside the vase. OOPS! Guess I should have NOT lit that candle but left it alone as un-melting decor. Still have to try and get that hard candy rock out of the was only $1.00 so if it breaks I won't cry.
My "mantel", which is actually the top of my piano.
 I found the mirror at a garage sale (read about it here). I downloaded the triangle banner letters from Shanty 2 Chic and printed it on dark red cardstock (purchased from JoAnn's). I used glue dots to stick it onto the ribbon...but the letters have fallen down dozens of times so next year I will need to go with some heavy-duty glue. The votive holders were a gift from my mom, the chalkboard was from my wedding, the greenery and bird is from JoAnn's, and the glittery trees are the very same from above in this post.

I got this idea from Pinterest, and when I followed the link it took me to House and Home. I do not consider myself a good drawer by any stretch of the imagination. I am actually quite proud of how this turned out.

 My "bay window", which is actually my large kitchen window sill that looks huge, empty, and ugly if I don't decorate it. Darn, huh?
The mini tree, bell ornaments, red birds, ribbon, red berries, pointsettas,and fake snow is all from JoAnn's (on sale or with a coupon!) I had saved the jars from various food items. The metal bucket is from my wedding as are the wood slices. The wooden B is from Hobby Lobby and the stand for it is from Michael's. My mom gave me the Epsom Salt which is in the bottom of the jars as well as the little greenery from trees at her house. The candles I bought at Super 1. Lesson I learned...the votive candles looked really pretty sitting on the Epsom salt inside those jars, but they do not look pretty after they burned for 3 hours and are now a flat mess of wax. Oops. They are probably stuck to the jars too (my mom pinned a tip for getting them out which I will have to try). So next time, I would still put candles in the jars but not light them. I actually plan to leave this window display up for another month or so since it is more wintery than Christmasy.

So forget the fact that it's late...what was your favorite? Is there anything you want to make/do for your own Christmas decor next year?


  1. I love that you took the time to decorate your place and I liked seeing it all in person the other day. I really like the glitter trees, and your chalk drawing and your 'bay window' scene and.... LOL! It all looks GREAT! <3

  2. so many fun decorations! thanks for sharing.