Thursday, December 27, 2012

Have I Ever Mentioned...

...that I LOVE Pinterest???
So many great ideas, so many freebies, so many possibilities! Two of my Christmas presents (which I am going to blog about tomorrow) have opened a whole new door to Pinterest potentials! I love finding freebie downloads and have started making a great collection. Can't wait to start using some things very soon and move the Pins into my new board called "Pinned It, Did It!"
...that I love buying things on sale???
Mmm, makes me feel so much less guilty for spending money. :)
My mom and I went after-Christmas clearance shopping today. We hit "Bath and Body Works" for their semi-annual sale to stock up on a soap and added a few more fun and wonderful smelling items to our bag. But hey, we got everything on sale and got $10 off! We sniffed so many scents that we both started to get headaches and knew it was time to move to another store. We also went to Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's getting a few more things that were either on sale or purchased with a coupon! Gotta love it.

...that I miss my girlfriends from Seattle?
One of my college roommates was back in the area and I got to go out to lunch and catch up with her today. I hadn't seen her since August and it was so nice to have some girl time and talk about our lives lately. Definitely made me want to try and make a trip over there soon.

...that my husband is wonderful???
He is. :) When I came home from my day of fun shopping, I could tell that he had worked hard around the house to get it cleaned/organized. He tackled several different projects in various places. It is so nice to have his help around the house. This evening he helped me to finish our upstairs so that it is ready for the in-laws. Yes, I still have boxes in various nooks and corners that need to be sorted through eventually. But, it is presentable and nice looking now. Those boxes can wait for later this week, a rainy day, ...or maybe until we move!

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