Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Advent Days 1-3

Here are the pictures and activities from the first 3 days of our Advent adventures :)

I used a centerpiece square of burlap from my wedding to make a tree skirt. I used that dolphin mug to trace  circle and then cut it out. Our tree is so small it would fit through that. While it wasn't super big, it was big enough to mostly cover the huge tree stand.

 Hubby putting the lights on. We wanted a small tree since we will be celebrating Christmas at both of our parents so not many presents to go underneath. We set it on our hexagon end table to give it some height.

 My  mom got me all these ornaments on clearance after Christmas last year. I have been waiting and waiting until Christmas to finally use them. I bought the ribbon at JoAnn's.

Putting ornaments on. 

Finished tree! Growing up, we got a new ornament each year based on an important event. All our ornaments had special memories and were great. I love that tradition. However, I also love seeing trees that are decorated with a theme and I have always wanted to do it. And thanks to my mom buying me those ornaments, now, for my first Christmas with my own tree, we have a blue and gold theme and I love it!!

Close up to see the ornaments and ribbon.

 An ornament we received as a wedding present--"Our First Christmas Together-2012"

 Yay for our first (cute) Christmas tree.

Day 2

  I had bought some icicle lights at a garage sale this summer. Unfortunately, they are very stiff still so the icicle effect isn't so pretty right now haha.

Also unfortunately, they aren't quite long enough. And the lights my hubby had were burnt out so we couldn't finish off and go by the front door. Oh well, at least we have some lights and we will get more on clearance after Christmas for next year :)

The view at night.

 Day 3

 Okay, so I decided to make this more this interesting/fun than just draw a picture.
Challenge 1--Draw a Christmas tree with the paper on top of your head.
Challenge 2--Draw a snowman with your eyes closed.
Challenge 3--Draw a candy cane with your non-dominant hand.
And then we drew a picture normal of whatever we wanted. This first picture is my husband's drawings. (the bottom one was supposed to be Santa delivering gifts on skis...I still don't understand the lack of hair haha)

My drawings.

More Advent Adventures to come.
How are you spending the first few days of Advent?

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  1. I like seeing a peek into your first Christmas together and your countdown activities. That bald Santa made me LOL! I like your picture of the baby Jesus in the manger. :) <3