Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

True, I'm a day late. And yes, most other bloggers posted their Christmas greetings on Christmas Eve or earlier. However, I was in Montana without Wi-fi from the 22nd-24th visiting my husband's family. From there we went straight to my parents' house for Christmas with my family. Between all the wrapping paper, snow, cookies, presents, warm drinks, dice games, and turkey dinners, there was no time to blog.

On Christmas Eve, my family has an 18-year old tradition that we go out to a movie and a nice dinner. We chose The Guilt Trip. It was really funny and a good story. After the movie, we went to a nice restaurant by the lake in my hometown. We actually had gone there last year but we loved it so much we didn't care about repeating. In fact, we all ordered the exact same thing as last year! I had a grilled Caesar salad and the quail dish. Sooo yummy.

It was great to be able to spend time with both of our families. We are blessed that we don't live too far away from either of them. Both of our brothers came home as well, which was so nice to get to catch up with them. We ate turkey dinners with both families and played Farkle. We definitely enjoyed the little get-away and time to relax and not be reminded of things around the house we need to do.

We got back home today and had our own "Christmas morning", just the two of us. It was kinda fun to get to open presents three times over the past three days. I will be posting about my fun presents in the next couple of days so come back to see what I got!

I am really looking forward to the next 11 days of my vacation. With all that I am hoping to do, I know it will fly by. First task at hand is to clean and organize our upstairs. The in-laws are coming for a one-night stay on Friday and our guest area is you can barely walk...eek! I have been storing and piling stuff there for months and now rather than just shove it somewhere else, I want to actually go through it and organize it the right way. Working on that tonight and over the next couple days. Tomorrow, I'm going to lunch with one of my college roommates who is back in the area for Christmas with her family. Also some Christmas clearance and craft shopping with my mom. :)

I really should get back to the mess :S

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  1. yeah, get back to that mess as tomorrow is pretty much taken up with FUN! Loved having you here for Christmas. <3