Friday, September 28, 2012


Red Tshirt: Kohls
Yellow Cardigan: Target
Floral Skirt: homemade by my Mom
Oxford Heels: JCPenney
Blue flower hair clip: Bridesmaid gift from a wedding I was in last summer.

I would like to pause here to thank and commend my talent mother! She sews so many great things! I am so blessed to be one of the recipients of her quilts, purses, aprons, and skirts! I love everything she makes because it is made just for me with lots of love!

As you will notice, I had to switch to taking my pictures inside. I worked full days for most of this week and when I got home it was already dark outside.

 Pink t-shirt: ModBod from Costco
Open-front gray "sweater": Forever 21
Jean Skirt: a shopping center in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. I can't remember what store.
Sandals: Target

 Charcoal shirt dress: Target (Christmas gift from my parents)
Black belt: Target (also Christmas gift from my parents)
Black Flats: DSW

 Today was Open House night so I wanted to look a bit more dressed up for meeting all the parents.
Cardigan: Bass Outlet
White T-shirt: Kohls
Gray dress pants: Kohls
Black flats: DSW

Aqua/Green Paisley Shirt: WalMart
Capris: JCPenney
Sandals: Rainbows

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  1. You look so cute every day! I like this feature to your blog and I LOVE sewing for you. <3