Saturday, September 29, 2012

Green Bluff Fall Fun!

My parents had been to Green Bluff before and I heard all about it so this year I decided for sure we needed to go! I created this idea that I wanted to pick my own apples, make my own crockpot applesauce and then can it! It was ambitious, but I wanted to do it for several reasons: to celebrate fall, to try something new, to take pictures, to take a break from work.

So we put it on the calendar and my parents joined us for a great day! Following are some fotos of our festive, fall frolicking featuring fresh farm food! :)

Pumpkin Donut!

My husband doesn't like sweets, but he usually doesn't make this much of a face haha

Driving through orchards

My wonderful parents!

Picking our own pears!

Pumpkin Cannon. It shoots pumpkins 1500-1800 feet!

Racing through a straw maze.

We picked our own pumpkin right off the vine!

Picking raspberries

Apple tree. Each apple has the name of a different variety on it.

I think we make a great pear! :)

Even though the weather was more like summer than fall, we had a great day with my parents picking our own produce and perusing the pretty prairie places.

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  1. Fun aliteration. :) Great photos, it was a fun, fall, family festivity. <3