Sunday, September 30, 2012

Movie Review: Won't Back Down 

A few weeks ago, I posted the trailer to this movie and said I was going to go see it. My husband took me last night. Except for one other person, we were the only ones in the theater. I thought that was kind of sad since I think this kind of movie is important for people to see. My husband jokingly pointed out that the demographic of people who would want to see this movie (teachers) don't make enough money to be able to go to the theaters...haha...not so funny but kinda true.

Anyways, on to the movie review.
I'm not sure if it was our theater or the movie, but it was really hard to hear what they were saying. After about 20 minutes, we moved closer and could hear better then, but the actors did talk fast so it could have been a combination of the movie and us.
Once we could hear it better, we really enjoyed it. I even cried a couple times. The story is very moving. 

Synopsis: A caring mom fights hard for her struggling daughter. She goes against teachers, parents, and the school board to turn a failing school around to save not only her daughter but all the students.

I thought the acting was good and the story was believable. There is so much red tape and politics in the school system. It is messed up. Yes, I'm a teacher and I just said that. This movie had a happy ending, which sadly I'm not sure how realistic that is.

One part that I didn't like--while the mom was being with campaigning, writing a proposal and working hard to fight for this school turn-around, her daughter seemed out of the picture. I didn't see the mom working with her daughter to help her read and write. I do believe this mom did the right thing to speak up and fight for better education, but I would hope parents would also spend time educating their own children.

It certainly wasn't an action, romantic comedy, or happily ever after story. But if you like inspirational/educational movies, this would be one to see!

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  1. So weird that there were not more people at the movie. I want to see this one. <3