Sunday, September 30, 2012

I Can Can

No, that wasn't a typo and no, I don't mean the dance. I mean canning food and now I can do it!

Ever since we planned on going to Green Bluff, I knew that I wanted to pick our own apples, make homemade crockpot applesauce and then can it. Sometimes my lofty homemaker plans come true, and this one did.

I had two different recipes pinned and kinda combined/spun off of both of them. Here are the two blogs I referred to: SkinnyTaste and Women Living Well. For my recipe, we used 5 varieties of apples: Jonathan, Jonagold, Gala, Honeycrisp, and MacIntosh. We used 2 crockpots, 26 apples, 3tsp of lemon juice for each crockpot, about 1/2 cup water in each, and I didn't measure how much cinnamon I sprinkled in each one. I did not use any sugar (hubby is anti-sweets haha). The applesauce is kind of tart so adding brown sugar might help with that but we both really like the tart flavor. I put the crockpots on high and it was done in 3 hours. I used an immersion blender to get the chunks out and then we canned 6 pints of our applesauce and had a bit leftover to eat now.

Here are the pictures of our applesauce adventure!

Attaching the apple peeler/corer/slicer to the counter.

Oh yah, tools in the kitchen! Hubby loved doing this!

Apple slinky


Peeling away

Adding lemon juice

Love having his help in the kitchen

Apples and cinnamon all ready to become applesauce

Adding a bit of water

Blending out the chunks

Nom nom nom
How many jars will we get?


Applesauce takes a bath

Woo hoo!

We did it! We made our own applesauce and canned it!
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  1. No stopping you now! Nice that both of you shared this project. <3

  2. That looks easy enough! I think I can can too! lol I like that you didn't have to use the pressure canner.. that things sends me into an anxiety attack!!