Friday, August 24, 2012

Super Mom to the Rescue!

Now, I think I have been working hard and getting things done the past month with registry stuff, cleaning, cooking, organizing, etc. didn't seem to be getting very done. Enter Super Mom!

My mom is wonderful, she's great, she's not only a Super Mom but she taught me (practically everything) I know! It was time for  her magic to make my house become a home and not a clutter cove.

She came over yesterday and we totally dominated! My kitchen, dining room, and living room are completely cleaned, tidied, organized, livable and even cute! When we were almost done, we realized we hadn't taken a BEFORE picture, but then we quickly said, "that's okay, we prefer not to remember what it looked like before." So, here are all the AFTER pictures.

Shiny new silverware, awesome Cutco knives, and colorful measuring utensils.

Candles, serveware, pretty glassware

Dining "Room"

Centerpiece: Table Runner gift from Crate and Barrel, vase and candle wedding gift, rocks found in cupboard.

Our Living Room

Got this table from Re-Store and have plans to re-finish it soon.

All the colors in my kitchen make me happy!

Tupperware and cooking prep bowls/measuring cups

Cookbooks and Vitamins

Probably my favorite picture because it contains so many great things! Fiestware dishes and canisters, spice rack and fruit bowl from C&B and Pistachio KitchenAid!

Love our new toaster and espresso maker

I am so glad we have an island

Gotta love organization in the kitchen

My wonderful non-stick pots and pans from Costco

So pretty, right?

Parker Mixing bowls from C&B, pretty serveware: Eva Mendes and Fiesta

All my bakeware including casserole dishes from C&B


Great cupboards for storing big and extra food items

Cleaning supplies and my aprons

My "office" nook for now

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  1. Soooo very tidy and cute! Great pictures. It was a fun day with you and I was glad to help.