Saturday, August 4, 2012

An achy back

The past two days, I have hardly gotten any sleep and when I wake up in the morning, my back hurts so bad. I blame the garage-sale mattress my husband has had for several years. And so, the time has come to take his grandma up on her offer. Recently, my husband's grandfather passed away and so now his grandma is moving into a retirement home so she no longer needs her King size bed and offered it to us...SCORE!

Problem--I have a very sore back and therefore cannot help move a Queen size bed out of our room and upstairs nor load a King size bed into a pickup truck and then into our house.

Solution--a wonderful friend of my husbands. We bribed him with fun on the boat before the task and a  home-cooked meal afterwards. (We didn't actually have to bribe him, he's really nice and was willing to help!) But the fun and food did happen! We went out on the lake for some tubing and wakeboarding first. Then the guys were all manly disassembling, carrying, and loading the various parts of the bed. After my supervision was no longer needed, I stopped by the grocery store and headed home to begin cooking. The guys worked on assembling the new (to us) bed while I cooked!

On the menu for tonight: BBQ Chicken Pizza....(it's okay you can say YUM out loud)

I cooked my chicken in EVOO, garlic, and pizza seasoning.

I prepped all my toppings: black beans, red onion, tomato, green pepper, and jalapenos.

Then I pre-baked the dough (next time I will make it from scratch but I didn't have time so this was from a Pillsbury can...which by the way, it is a bit of a chore to make a square crust into a round one) After it bakes for 8 minutes, I spread the BBQ sauce on top.

And the beautiful and tasty result!

 Oh, and not to forget the reason for the pizza...our new and VERY comfortable bed :)

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