Monday, July 12, 2010

A Whirlwind Weekend

I haven't blogged since Thursday and a lot has happened--a lot that I couldn't write about until now because of time and processing.

Friday morning while we were playing dodge ball, one of my co-teachers collapsed on the floor. He bit his lip and was bleeding and appeared to be having a seizure. We found out later it was not a seizure and he had just been dehydrated. He is okay and back to work now but that was one of the scariest things I have ever witnessed. I am amazed at how my body kicked into adrenaline as I ran for help, got the kids back the classroom and continued playing games with them while I heard the sirens and my mind was racing. I am so thankful that all four of us were working that day, that the kids did so well, that we had a floater come in to help when we got back to the classroom, that he is okay, and that our supervisors were there for him and us so quickly. My friends were a big help too afterwards as I talked and processed through it.

Saturday I got up early to have breakfast with the kids. With the big number, split week, and incident of Friday morning it had been a crazy week. Yet, I had grown so close to the kids and it had been one of the best also. I don't normally go to breakfasts on Saturdays because it's my day off but I really wanted to say goodbye to these kids. After that I headed to Seattle with Michael and Chad for a friend's wedding that night. It was great to see my parents and talk to them in person about my experience and friends here. And even though I missed being here, it was good to get away for a couple days.

The wedding was good and a lot of fun. Usually I sit and watch the ceremony with so much excitement and dreaming, smiling at the magic and beauty of it all. I talked about it with my best friend (the groom's younger sister) at the reception though and this was the first time that we sat at a wedding and had a different feeling. We were both kinda scared. I think it really hit me that I am old enough and getting to that age where this could really happen to me soon. Some of my friends are getting to the point where proposals will start happening and then wedding planning. I have always dreamed about my wedding and planned what I want. But on Saturday, I sat in the pew looking at the bride and groom and thought about myself standing at the altar. I was realizing the full force of how big a deal it is and how soon it could be happening. I think in some ways I am ready but in other ways I am so not, which is why thankfully it is all up to God's timing and not mine. It was good to have these feelings and then be able to share with my friend later.

Sunday I went to church with my family, brunch with them and the Randolphs and then drove back to CB with friends. When I got back, I realized how much I had missed everyone! I really like my job. :)

Today was my first day with the new group of kids. Only 11 this time which is easier to manage but harder to keep entertained because we go through games so much faster. I am excited for the rest of the week and to see how it goes.

Prayer Requests--I found out that one of my friends here best friend was killed by a drunk driver today. Prayer for my friend, the boy's family, and how I can help.
--for the newly married couple and their future together
--no rain at the sand sculpture contest tomorrow

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  1. Praying along with you. I can see how weddings would take on a new meaning for you and your friends now - a part of growing up and maturing. It was soo good to see you and talk IN PERSON!
    Love you. Have a good week. Praying for a dry sand sculpture time.