Sunday, July 4, 2010

Unusual 4th of July

This morning I totally forgot it was the 4th of July. It wasn't until I noticed the kids running around the gym and how much red and blue they were wearing!

Last night my supervisor had warned me about a couple things with this group of kids: cellphones and don't listen. I was a little nervous heading into this morning since only 2 of us work and the supervisor has today and tomorrow off. Cell phones were not an issue because I said I would take them if I saw or heard them. But my goodness I have not had to yell so loud to get their attention. Such a bunch of loud talkers! I think I might lose my voice this week.

After session (which was an hour shorter today thanks to the holiday!), a bunch of us staff gathered on the sidewalk in front of the conference center to watch the parade. As we waited, we sung various Patriotic songs at the top of our lungs. People around us took pictures and applauded. The parade was really fun with lots of candy and big dogs.

Then a group of us decided to go on an adventure to a cool lookout point. Well, we realized we didn't know exactly where it was so we stopped at this parking lot for a hike and headed out even though some of us (me included) were wearing flip-flops or white shoes. The sign said 2.5 miles but we only made it 100 yards before deciding to turn around. Then we drove to Hug Point but instead of going down to the beach we went on this crazy adventure on a "trail" over logs, around sticker-bushes, under branches, up cliffs. It was insane but really fun. The whole time it was a misty rain so we were wet and dirty. We eventually did make it down to the beach and hung out for a bit and then a couple of the guys decided to take a quick swim in the water. The spontaneity, craziness, and fun of our adventure was so great and felt like something that college kids are supposed to do. :)

Evening session was good. We played the Jr. High kids in dodgeball. After beating them last week I was really surprised to show up and see they had twice as many kids as us and this week their kids were all a lot bigger! Thankfully no one got hurt. I was supposed to have a babysitting shift tonight but no one requested it. Usually the babysitters then help out in the Rec Center but with so few people there tonight our boss said 2 of the 5 of us could go with the staff group to the fireworks show in a nearby town. We talked amongst ourselves and me and another girl got to go. I am so glad I was able to. It was great! 22 minutes of intense, huge, loud, colorful, and awesome fireworks!

Today was quite unlike all previous 4th of Julys. No barbecue, no boating, no sunny weather, but it was still really fun!

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  1. Our 4th was like no other too! We didn't do anything to celebrate the 4th. It was cool out, the heat even had to be turned on after church! I worked, Dad worked, your brother packed then we watched a couple of shows. They decided it was too chilly for a fireworks show and later when we thought we heard fireworks it was THUNDER! Glad you had a fun day. Love you!