Friday, July 9, 2010

One Third

It has been one month since I got here! I cannot believe how fast that has gone and how much has happened. Jill pointed it out this morning and then finished by saying "only 2 more months" which made me so sad. I don't want to think about it right now, so I won't.

Instead, I want to think about the amazing day it was! Best Thursday of the summer so far. Thursdays are very long and tiring with morning session, carnival, kid dinner, evening session, and babysitting. Usually I am stressed, frazzled, tired, upset, disappointed, etc by the middle of evening session. But today was different. Morning session went great, nothing special or awful. Carnival was fun. THANKFULLY it was overcast and nice and cool today. Ugh, if we had to set up, dance, play games, and tear down in yesterday's heat!!! I worked the Door Prize table today and my brother bought me an elephant ear. :) Then I went to the beach with Michael, Chad, and friends for volleyball and skim boarding. Kid dinner was fine followed by another hilarious story by Mitch and Craig that lasted over 20 minutes. Then we played games at the park followed by the salvation lesson. It was really neat tonight because the kids started a lot of discussion and we talked a lot. There are three kids that were glued to me all night and I loved it--two little girls and one boy. They wanted to sit by me, walk with me, talk to me, hug me--sigh! I really needed that after such a hard day on Monday. Babysitting was fine tonight too. It was one of the girls in my class so we went to the talent show, the park, and the rec center. I was really tired of carpet ball and Sorry! but she was having a blast so it was good.

Now off to bed to rest up for my last day before a weekend off! I am SO excited to see my parents. :)

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  1. And we are so excited to see you!! Sounds like a great Thursday though. :D