Thursday, January 31, 2013

Winter Decor

Okay, so originally this post was called "January Decor" when I loaded all the pictures a couple weeks ago. But seeing as I have been incredibly busy and it is now the last day of January, I changed it to Winter Decor so I don't seem as behind as I just admitted I am. Oi vey!

I hated taking down my Christmas decorations. But then I welcomed the opportunity to re-decorate. After having LOTS of stuff for Christmas, I wanted to slim down and have some simple, clean decor in blues and whites. Here is my "mantle":

Closer view. Yes the smoke alarm is in the reflection of the mirror, believe me that was the best angle for taking a picture of a mirror. :S

I found some fonts and snowflakes online that I tried to copy. This was much harder than the tree I drew last month, but I'm really proud and happy with how it turned out. I want to keep trying fun fonts.

The snowflake candle holder (above) and white candle (below) were both gifts from some of my students.

I decided to use my Silhouette and some of my fun Winter paper to make some snowflakes for a banner on the mirror. I downloaded the snowflakes from the online Silhouette store here and my paper was purchased with a coupon at JoAnn's.

The other 2 snowflakes.

This blue end table is a recent addition. A girl from my parent's church moved and my parents bought this for me. It fit so perfect with my decor this month.

A printable my mom printed for me and had in my house when I returned from my honeymoon. I used a glittery ribbon from a wedding present to fill my floating candle bowl and a snowflake candle.

Another printable my mom made for me. Fake white daisies that were gifts from my Kindergarten students last year helped add the fresh and simple element. White candles and my light blue Parker Mini Bowl from Crate&Barrel with peppermint kisses.

Did you decorate for winter? To be honest, I don't know if I will get any Valentine's decorations up this year but at least this can stay for another little while :)


  1. I like all of your blue and white and the fonts on the chalkboard look great! <3

  2. I want to come visit your beautiful home! It looks lovely and inviting, Miss! xoxo, Katie