Thursday, October 4, 2012


 Floral button-up shirt: JCPenney
Brown bootcut pants: American Eagle
Brown flats: Target

Yellow Baby Tee: Shade 
Gray 1/2 sleeve jacket: a college friend was getting rid of it
Blue floral skirt: my mom made it
Sandals: Rainbows

 Gray Baby Tee: Shade
Blue cardigan: Target
Black bootcut pants: American Eagle
Black Flats: DSW

Light Blue Babe Tee: Shade
Gray and white striped hoodie cardigan: Target
Blue bootcut pants: Target
Brown flats: Target

Only 4 outfits this school on Friday! Woo hoo! My husband and I are using the long weekend to go to Seattle to visit friends and go to the Carrie Underwood concert!

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  1. Cuteness! I love the blue cardigan from Target - such a great color blue! <3