Sunday, October 28, 2012

DIY Entryway Table Part 1

My husband's grandma moved out of her house this summer into a retirement home and had to give away several things. This wooden card table was sitting in the garage, I put my name on it. I immediately saw potential for it.

What, you may ask am I going to do a with a flimsy, wooden card table? Well...I'm going to cut it in half and make it into an entryway table for that space on the kitchen floor with all that bare wall you can see in the picture above. Since this table isn't the best quality, we decided it will work great for our rental home now and then if we choose to, we can build a better/nicer one for our new home someday. Half will be the table-top and the other half will be a low shelf. We'll see how it goes!

First we unscrewed all the legs. Make sure you keep all the hardware!

Hubby loves a chance to use his power tools. :)

Yay! A project for our new radial arm saw! Hubby found this on Craigslist for a great deal and we couldn't pass it up as we each look forward to many projects.

Measuring to find the middle.

All set to cut it in half!

First time using a skill saw.

According to my man, "you made a really good cut!" oh, and don't forget to wear those sexy safety glasses.
Now to cut reinforcement spacers for the legs.

Pretty fun using power tools!

The reinforcement spacers are glued and clamped on to dry.

The other half drying on a  "work table". We have limited space in our garage but look forward to a nice shop someday!

Come back later to see part 2 and the finished result!!!

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  1. WOWEEEE! I am so impressed and wait till your father sees this! Looking forward to part 2.