Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Let's give this a try

Okay, so a lot of my friends have started blogs and I decided 'hey, it might be fun to do one too', so here I go.

I have been home from college for 3 days and I'm already loving my summer. There are just so many wonderful things about summer how could you not love it? Some of my favorite things about summer include:
~sleeping in
~flip flops
~all the delicious summer fruit
~driving with all the windows down
~thunder & lightning storms
~hanging out with friends pretty much anytime
~going to the beach
~all the free time

Of course, there are not so good things about summer too such as
~temperatures over 95
~not seeing all your friends from school

At the beginng of each summer I always set goals for myself and most times I find when I'm heading back to school that I hardly did any of them. Why is it that when we have no time for certain things we crave to do them, and then, when we have all the time in the world we don't feel like doing them anymore? I don't know, but I'm really going to try to fulfill my goals this year. Maybe I need to set more realistic goals.

Between jobs, books, vacations, hanging out with friends, boating, and now blogging I know I will have a great summer.

As summer officialy starts on Sunday, may we all make the most of our warm, sunny days--taking time to enjoy each blessing that comes our way yet not letting it pass us by only to realize it's fall.


  1. Hey I get to be the first one to comment! LOVE the title of the blog! Love that photo! LOVE YOU!
    Now get busy with those summer goals :D

  2. Looks like you're going to have a very busy summer!

  3. Hannah I love your blog background, where did you figure that out? Mine is so boring and the choices quite limited. Love and miss you lots!