Saturday, June 27, 2009

It Feels Like Summer Now

This week the warm weather and sunshine showed up! I've been sitting out in the sunshine reading and played beach volleyball with some friends yesteryday. Now, today, for the first time of the summer, I'm going out on our boat! I am so excited. Something about sitting in the bow of a boat, sunlight sparkling on the water, wind racing through my hair, and cool mist spraying me is so satisfying you can't help but smile, close your eyes, and try to soak it all in. This is just one example of the little, trivial moments in life that are so wonderful and should never be taken for granted.

Do you ever take time to just sit quietly and really look at everything around you. Our lives have become so instant with everything at the tip of our fingers in our cell phones or laptops. Sure technology is great and makes our lives easier, but...getting away from it all is so refreshing. I took a 4-wheeler ride the other day up in the mountains behind my house. When we reached the top we got off and walked a couple yards to the edge. The view took my breath away. I was looking for miles of tall, magestic, tree-covered mountains. I could see a large pond and a waterfall. Boulders the size of houses, birds soaring through the air, tall pine trees reaching towards the blue sky filled with puffy, white clouds. In that moment all is silent and you feel as though you could sit there forever and never get over how awesome it all is. Then my mind wanders and I think that this snapshot view I have is a teeny, tiny area of the entire world. I am one person among 6+ billion. God created that scenery, God created me, and in this moment all 3 (God, me and creation) were interacting in such a wonderful way. I was in awe of my God's power. I would encourage you to take time and regluarly find a place where you can sit in silence admiring God's creation. The beach, a mountain, a river, even your backyard! From biology classes we learn about the complex designs of weather, soil, plants, animals, and humans. Everything has a purpose and the means necessary to survive and function for that purpose. God designed and created it all...and now...He holds it all in the palm of his hand. Our God is Great! Amen.

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