Monday, June 22, 2009

Does the weatherman know it's summer?

52 degrees, cloudy, and raining. :( Not very good weather for the 2nd day of summer. I wore pants and a sweater to my first day of work! Which by the way went pretty good. I now have a part time job at Hycomb Marketing (they do newsletters etc for dentists all across the country). Lots of little details, steps, and terms to get down but I think it will all come quickly.

Yesterday was a nice Father's day here (I hope you all gave your dad a hug, or at least called!) It was nice to be back at my home church and see everyone but I also missed Bethany and the traditional Chipotle run! After church mom made delicious wraps and then we sat around and talked for a long time, followed by dad doing a fun activity with each of us--playing ping-pong with my brother and then watching P&P with me! Yes, my dad likes chick flicks, we always have a fun time together.

Second week being home and I still can't get out of bed when my alarm goes off...roomie, can you throw a rubber duck all the way from your house? ;) It's been so nice to have time to read for fun (no textbooks!) and listen to my music. Got to play some volleyball on Saturday which was lots of fun, but man I sure get sore!

Think I'll curl up in a blanket and read until dinner and Bible study.

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  1. I love those cooler days of 'summer', reminds me that fall isn't too far off! ;)