Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer is here! Free Summer Productivity Printable

Ahhhhh :) We're 4 days in and it's starting to feel like summer! Sure the weather has been
all. over. the. place.
It cannot decide what it wants to do out there. But I'm getting my mantel decorations and mindset finally into summer mode! And mom has to go and text me this morning saying "6 months til Christmas!" Gee thanks, mom. She's a kill-joy fall/winter lover. (Love you!) :)

Well I never got around to posting June goals. Here's a quick update on how I did with May goals:

Goals for May:
1. Go to the gym or run 5 times
2. Make 1 new recipe
3. Hang living and dining room curtains
4. Blog 1 time other than this post
5. Choose a paint color for master bedroom
6. Paint master bedroom
 7. Project Life date with my mom
8. Finish "Love Does"

Ya, I'm not doing so great. But hey, half is better than none!

I had a great finish to the school year--can't believe I've successfully taught for 2 years!

At the end of the year, we were reading "Because of Winn-Dixie." So to wrap-up the book and welcome summer, we had our very own party copying the party they have in the book! We had egg salad sandwiches cut into triangles with frilly toothpicks, a jar of pickles, Littmus Lozenges, and Dump Punch!
Becuase of Winn Dixie party

We also copied the decorations from the book. We made our own luminaries and used battery tea lights.
Becuase of Winn Dixie party

 Some students brought dog pictures for us to stick around the room.
Becuase of Winn Dixie party

We hung yellow and pink streamers. After we finished decorating and filled our plates with goodies, we watched the movie! The kids had a great time and it was fun to make the book come to life.
Becuase of Winn Dixie party

The next week, I attended 5 curriculum meetings, finished report cards, cleaned out my classroom and officially locked the door on the school year! Oh, but I will be spending plenty of time working on curriculum this summer. I got approved to teach Language Arts in a different way, which I'm really excited about but it does mean some extra work for me in the next couple months.

Even though I have many things I want to accomplish this summer, I decided not to do monthly goals for the summer. Instead, I've created a weekly breakdown of tasks by category to help me stay focused and productive yet also enjoy some relaxing and fun. I find that I tend to look at a long to-do list and either pick just the "fun" things or end up doing none because "hey, it's summer and laying outside reading a book all day sounds perfect!". So I scheduled time for the fun things but also made certain days focused on tasks such as cleaning, organizing, and curriculum. I spent some time searching on Pinterest for a printable but wasn't finding something that fit me really well. No problem. I'm pretty good with Word and so 5 minutes later I had my own printable, which I'm sharing with you today!

Free Printable Daily Summer Plan

While I'm not a graphic designer and didn't make it all cute with different fonts, colors, and images, I did try to be creative with the names for each day! There are many littler tasks in each category that will get accomplished (or not haha) each week but I wanted a place to write down the bigger goals for the summer. We'll see how it goes!

Here is the PDF FREE PRINTABLE of my Summer Daily Plan
And if you aren't a teacher, or want the days in a different order or want to rename them and just my blank template, here's the Editable Summer Daily Plan

For my weekly page that I fill in with specific tasks for each day, I use this fun and cute free fillable PDF from Erin Rippey at Be sure to check her website out--she has some super cute stuff!

One of my summer goals (as you may have seen under Wednesday's column) is to do some good ol' blogging! So be sure to come back periodically for some fun tutorials and DIY projects I've been doing around my home.

How do you stay productive during the summer?


  1. Nice, useful, post. I like the amount of organizing without too much pressure and expectation, cause like you said, "It's summer!"

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  3. I like your Winn-Dixie party - fun way to celebrate the book. Great list - liking the daily themes. I can't wait to see how the items get checked off, gotta love checkin' stuff off of a list! <3