Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Goals

Warm weather! Flip flops! Ahhh! I hope this weather sticks around and no more surprise snow flurries!

Here were my goals for April:
1. Go to the gym 5 times
2. Make 1 new recipe
3.Choose what we are going to do for curtain rods
4. Blog 1 time other than this post
5. Choose a paint color for master bedroom

I did run in my neighborhood 3 times but work and an annoying cold kept me from my last two times.

I made SEVERAL new recipes this month! For Easter brunch I made Blueberry Pecan Crumble Coffee Cake from Country Cleaver, which was SO delicious and I definitely will make it again. Along side this I made Perfect Roasted Sweet Potatoes from A Kitchen Cafe although I didn't use any oil. Finally, I made Crustless Sausage Broccoli Quiche from LAQ Fitness which was also delicious but took an hour longer to bake than she said so needless to say our brunch was more like Linner (or is it Dunch?) and we were hungry! Part of the difference in baking time could have been that I only used whole eggs instead of any egg whites. While the egg white conversion is 1 whole egg for 2 whites, 10 whole eggs (the 5 she calls for and 5 from the conversion) was not enough to cover my broccoli and sausage so I added 6 more eggs I believe. I would make this again but definitely allow for more cooking time.

Other than the Easter, I also made Perfect Homemade Biscuits from Mom On Timeout which were truly perfect! Very easy to make and went along perfectly with Potato Soup which was a first-time recipe try from my cookbook "Betty Crocker's Cooking Basics". I also made The Marlboro Man Sandwich from The Pioneer Woman. Very happy tummy but I'll use less butter next time. Shhhhh, don't tell Ree! :) And last, but certainly not least, I made a Bacon-Spinach-Chicken-Pesto pizza. SAY WHAT? Yes, it was DELISH! I didn't follow any recipe although this is the pin that inspired me. I used Pillsbury dough and Costco pesto. Lots of fun and tasty cooking this month!

Not only did we choose what we are going to do for curtain rods, but we purchased all the materials and got started! My beloved birdie curtains from Pier1 are up in the office and we're just waiting on the shipment from Target to arrive so we can hang the living room and dining room. The two panels we had for the dining room were different by 2 inches so we had to order a couple more to see which two will match each other. Craziness! Once those are up, I will post about how we did it with step-by-step pictures and prices.

I have yet to narrow down let alone pick paint colors. But I need to get on that ball because my bestie is coming the last weekend of this month to visit and help me paint!

This is gonna stay short and sweet because I'm working hard on grading and lesson plans tonight but also need to pack for a weekend celebrating my "little" brother's college graduation! He's receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Photography. The night before graduation we get to attend a mini Oscars (complete with red carpet, I'm told) for his school called the Tracy Awards. He is nominated for Best Cinematographer and his film is nominated for Best Film along with 8 other nominations! So exciting and so proud of him! I can't wait to see where his career takes him and what kinds of cool projects he gets to work on. He is very talented and loves what he does which is so awesome to see in young people these days!

So here are my goals for May:
1. Go to the gym or run 5 times
2. Make 1 new recipe
3. Hang living and dining room curtains
4. Blog 1 time other than this post
5. Choose a paint color for master bedroom
6. Paint master bedroom
 7. Project Life date with my mom
8. Finish "Love Does"

Happy May Day!

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