Friday, January 31, 2014

The First Step: Living Room

Leave it to me to wait until 10:35pm on the last day of the month to try and even work towards my blogging goal. Eesh.

At any rate, as of two days ago, we have finally accomplished the first step in furnishing/decorating our living room. Yes, it had furniture and decorations but it is a far cry from My Dream Living Room. If you looked at my Home Tour, you would have seen what our living room looked like three days ago. Well, I am tickled pink to say that after three different shopping days, many measurements and drawings, and eight stores on the final trip, we have purchased and received our new couch!!!

Other than bar stools, this is the first new piece of furniture we have bought.

I love it!

If you need a reminder, here's the before: 

And now:
(don't mind the drawers out of the dresser...hubby was in the middle of a project and I wanted to get the pictures before I left for work since when I came home it would be dark out)



I am SO happy we kept looking until we found this one! There was a couple before it we almost bought. I am also quite glad that we didn't go with a bigger sectional. Our small living room can only handle so much furniture and the big reclining super comfy couch will be for our basement someday.

I had originally wanted grey, but after realizing there are so many brown tones downstairs with the kitchen cabinets, wood floor and carpet, I should probably compliment those tones. I am really happy with the color we chose. Kinda an oatmealish. In some lights it looks light brown/tan but in others it looks kinda grey. So I got what I wanted while still complimenting the browns. Double win!

As if I'm not happy with this couch enough, we discovered it can fit not just the 2 ways we originally measured for, but also a third. Ooooo, the rearranging/decorating flexibility makes me giddy.

So Step 1 is accomplished! Now onto Step 2, which I'm not entirely sure which that should be: curtains or different coffee table. Hmm...advice?

P.S. I did purchase the curtains from My Dream Living Room and they just did not work. Too orange and too small. So I'm back to the drawing board and totally clueless. Any ideas? I'd love to hear/see them!


  1. Love the couch! Now you just need your mom to make some chevron yellow throw pillows and chalk paint that dresser!

    -Jenny Grgas

  2. Love the couch and it looks great in that space! I agree on the chalk paint :) I was thinking of that table we saw at Farm Chicks - with the colorful stripes, ahhhh..... I say let's find some fabric for curtains if you can't find any online, those would be something easy to do. <3

  3. What a beautiful couch! Good choice going with the neutral tones. You will have so much fun swapping out the pillows and throws when you want a change. How about painting your coffee table a fun color. Someone mentioned yellow chevron pillows. A bright sunny yellow table would look cool...or a beautiful turquoise/aqua? But you have to be one of those people who loves painted furniture to go that route.

  4. LOVE the couch! Curtains provide a great "finishing touch" essence to a room and are cheaper than purchasing furniture! I think I brought 3 different kinds home before finally finding some I liked. I was super lazy though in hanging them up and came to regret it! First off, I just screwed the curtain rod into the wall without first measuring the length of the curtains. Big mistake. They are now pooling on the ground. Second, I measured once, and then called it good. Now they are a bit crooked! But I am sure you will take more thought to it when you do it. :)

    If you want to make your room appear taller than it is, you can always hang the rod higher than just above the window. This will visually extend the ceiling upwards and make the space feel higher! But it doesn't look like you will need to do that in this room.

    My last tip is to think about how much light you want to block out with the curtains and then purchase the appropriate fabric for that scenario. You can double up the curtains too by having a sheer curtain underneath a heavier one and then draw closed what you need.

    Ok, I have one more thought. I was originally going to get patterned curtains but I'm really glad I stuck with just a solid color. It can be hard to coordinate a pattern with throw pillows, and a rug, etc. I would say opt for a fabric that has natural variety to it, or a monochromatic pattern so that it is more subdued. Or stripes. For some reason, stripes just seem almost like a neutral to me.

    Hope that helps!

  5. Good read. Reaching your goal one step at a time may help you avoid more mistakes. Thanks for sharing.