Monday, April 22, 2013

It's Better When...

Monday, Monday

Today was a good Monday.

You know those typical Mondays when you dread going to work, when you get there it's hectic, when you have a huge to-do list for the week, and when you are already looking forward to Friday afternoon?  Well today was kinda not one of those days.

Yes, I still groaned when my husband's (super loud) alarm went off 3 times. Yes, I still made a mile-long list to hopefully tackle this week, and yes I am looking forward to Friday already and our plans for the coming weekend.

BUT....this Monday was better than most because....

...getting out of bed is better when you make a hazelnut latte!

...doing your hair is better when you have a brand new cut and style that you love and feels heatlthy! (and getting many compliments throughout the day doesn't hurt either) outfit is better when you include coral, such as adorable wedges and super fun dangly earrings both gifted from your great mom (not to mention the teal scarf as well!)

...teaching is better when you get to collaborate with your awesome team.

...driving home is better when you can roll your window down and open the sunroof!

...folding laundry is better when you watch "Friends" :)

....a house is better when it has a roof!

...working out is better when you have brand new, cute, work-out clothes to make you at least feel like you are fit and athletic when you really are gasping for breath and have terrible foot cramps

...biking for 7 miles at the gym is better when your husband encourages you and pushes you to finish strong during the last 5 minutes.

...chicken is better when you add garlic (a little brown sugar doesn't hurt either!)

...dealing with the politics of teaching is better when you have a husband that gives great inspirational speeches to make you feel better.

...and blogging is better when you have readers and comments!

So tell me, what are a few things that can instantly make YOUR day better?


  1. brownies in the break room at work!

  2. Oh my goodness, YES! I always eat one, always. (okay sometimes I eat two :)

  3. I love your hair! So cute! :) Sunshine always makes Mondays in Seattle better!

  4. Thank you! I feel like this picture didn't really do it justice.
    Sunshine in Seattle is always a bonus! :)

  5. Love reading about what is going on in your life!

  6. Seeing that you have a new blog post and getting to see glimpses into your life. <3

  7. I love your outfit and I'm off to check out the chicken recipe!

  8. Love your earrings and the chicken looks yummy!