Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Fashion: Maxi Dress

Summer is my favorite time of year! While I love shopping for clothes any time of the year, summer clothes are also my favorite to wear. I love racerback tank tops and sun dresses the most. Anything that allows me to get (slowly) tanner and wear my super comfy Rainbow sandals is a big win in my book. This love for summer clothes can be dangerous however. Dangerous for my wallet. Especially if Target has a bajillion cute items at the same time. Oh!
Then it's all over.
Summer Fashion Chevron Maxi Dress
Excuse the grainy cell phone picture
I try to show restraint. And by "try" I mean avoid going in the stores with the cute clothes and tell myself I have plenty already and still love them so I don't need more. Well it usually works. But then, there's some adorable, must-have, on-sale summer dress that calls screams my name and I give in. This summer was no different. And the cute clothing item in question this time was this beautiful, coral and gray, chevron striped, racerback, maxi dress. All my favorite things combined into ONE garment! How could I NOT buy it?

Summer Fashion Chevron Maxi Dress

So I did! :) I did use a 15% discount mind you because, well, that helped justify it...even though I honestly needed no justifying since I'm not on shopping probation or anything. Once it came, I loved it even more than seeing the picture online! Don't you love it when that happens? For those of you wondering, the dress is from Kohls and is Lauren Conrad brand. My exact dress is no longer available online but you can find similar ones here and here.

Summer Fashion Chevron Maxi Dress

One of the things I love about maxi dresses is how versatile they are! With the right shoes and accessories they can be dressed up for a nicer event but with flip flops they are just as good for a casual summer day. Another thing I truly love about them is that it pretty much feels like you are wearing pajamas all day! Soooo comfy. So far I've worn it to my husband's basketball awards banquet, the awards ceremony at school, and my dear friend's bridal shower. I'm planning to wear it to church this Sunday.

Summer Fashion Chevron Maxi Dress

What's your go-to summer fashion?
Are there certain aspects (color, print, style) of clothing that make it hard for you to resist?
Do you ever feel the need to justify buying cute clothes even when no one else needs the reasoning but you?

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  1. Such a cute dress and looks like you are getting to wear it often which is always nice! Although my favorite color is red I usually don't buy that in clothing. Always have to justify a purchase, if even just to myself. ;) <3