Monday, July 9, 2012

It's Really Happening

I keep pinching myself. I'm just dreaming, right?'s really happening! I am really getting married! Years of daydreaming about this day as a little girl, months of planning as a fiance, and now just days left as a single woman.

I have taken pictures of different decor pieces I have made and made mental notes of things I want to blog about. But alas, the pictures remain on the card in my camera and the mental notes got quickly lost in the bajillion wedding thoughts running through my head. Good intentions...but not enough time to diligently blog about it all. However...I have not completely given up on those blog posts. I hope to post about things after the dust has settled and I'm sitting at home this summer while my husband (ahh so strange to say, in a good way) will be working and I will not.

But back to the present...4 days, 18 hours, 30 minutes from now I will be walking down the aisle!!! Some moments it really hits me and others I feel like its still so far off and just something you continuously plan for but never really comes. I am just praying that it doesn't come and go so fast that I don't remember the wedding day. So many brides say the day is a blur. I'm hoping my super Type-A planning personality will make the day relaxed and enjoyable for blurring please.

Planning a wedding has been busy. Some moments have been fun, some tedious, some stressful. I've learned a lot about crafting, myself, and my fiance. We have had to talk through several things and settle disagreements. Not necessarily fun, but it's been good and we've grown through it.

While I may get nervous and have butterflies, I know without a doubt that he is the man I'm supposed to spend the rest of my life with. I love him, he loves me, and with God in the middle, it will all be okay :)

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