Monday, May 21, 2012

3 Movies in 1 Day

First of all, 3 movies in 1 day is not really anything too incredible if you know my family--we watch a lot of movies! We always have, and probably always will. It's something we really enjoy doing together. The guys watch chick flicks with mom and I, and us girls watch the action movies with them. My parents are continuously playing "name that actor and all the other movies they have been in" and only a few times do we have to go to IMDB to verify their answers. I have caught on and can join in the fun of saying who is who, who is or was married to who, and what other movie they were in with some other actor. And of course, we have our favorites. :)

We like to watch movies at home as well as in the theater. Growing up, we would often read the book once we heard a movie was being made and other times we didn't know there was a book until the screen said "based on the book by so and so" and mom would joke that we had to leave a go read the book. And we ALWAYS stay until the VERY end of the credits after the songs, location, the brand of film and cameras and then the speakers pop and the screen goes blue or black. We are almost always the only people left in the theater except for the employee cleaning up the popcorn. The ONE time we did not was when we saw "Pirates of the Caribbean 3". It was not a favorite of my moms and she got up as soon as the last scene ended. We all left and found out when we got home that there was a scene at the end of the credits (this was in the beginning of the "throw another scene at the end of the credits" fad that is now quite popular) and so we stay. But this extra scene is a newer reason for why we stay. The main reason we stay is because ALL those names, ALL those people who worked on that movie, they should get some credit too. And my mom always says "their moms would be so excited to see their kids' names up on that screen, and someday when my son's name is up there I am going to stand up before anyone leaves and tell them they all have to stay until they see my son's name."  Now that my brother is a film student, the chances of this happening are extremely likely. His cinematography knowledge is fun for us because it provides behind-the-scenes info and critiques on movies from a filmmaker's perspective.

So back to the title of this post...we like movies. A lot. My brother has gone to see "The Avengers" four times in theaters and I am the only one who has not seen it. Today my parents had a meeting after church so Michael and I went on a sibling date to see "The Avengers", which he was very willing to see yet again. 

He rates it as the #1 movie he's ever seen. I liked it a lot but not my #1. I would however put it in the Top 10 for action movies. It had a good story, the acting was good, and it had some humor as well.

Then we came home and as is often the case at night, my family will watch a movie. Well we ate our dinner while we watched tonight so we started early. We have a lot from the library right now plus one from Netflix. My brother narrowed our choices down to two: "Made of Honor" and "Captain America" and then I had to decide. Normally chick flicks are the no-brainer choice for me, but after just seeing "The Avengers", I was in that kind of a mood. I was torn. So I flipped a coin--"Made of Honor" won. It was good. Funny and cute, and yes the couple that has no interest in each other whatsoever at the beginning does get married at the end. :) After that movie ended, the night was still young and so we watched "Captain America" as well. Also a good movie. I liked the story a lot--it didn't hurt that it was set in WWII time (one of my favorite time periods) and there was a love story. The only MARVEL movie I have yet to see is "The Hulk". I'm not sure it can top "Captain America." Green and angry just doesn't do it for me like an old-school gentleman and patriotism...but Mark Ruffalo is in it so I wonder if he will dance to "Thriller" like he did with Jennifer Garner in "13 Going on 30"? See...the name-that-actor-and-what-they-have-been-in game never ends. And thankfully, it doesn't have to, because movies keep on getting made, and we keep on watching!

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