Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I don't like session getting out so early!

Today, was a great day! But then again, I feel like they all are. :)

Morning session went great. I really love the kids this week, they are so sweet, smart, and well-behaved. The worst part about session was that I couldn't hear hardly at all. Ever since cliff jumping for the second time, my ears have been bothering me so I finally bought some drops but those made it way worse unfortunately and my hearing would come and go. It was very frustrating. After session we had staff meeting and then staff pictures which were funny to see the goofy poses. It was so great to have almost everyone gathered together and see the awesome people God brought from all over to work together this summer.

I decided to go to the doctor today so Jill drove me to Seaside. Thankfully I was the first of 5 walk-ins so I didn't have to wait very long. Using the Elephant Ear Washer, the nurse got a LOT of nasties out of my ears and then gave me a prescription for an infection. It is so nice to be able to hear again!!! It was a good reminder to not take my sense of hearing for granted.

In spite of being rushed and cut a 1/2 hour short, tonight's session was SO wonderful. It was cut short because the speaker this week always finishes at least 15 minutes early which is so frustrating! I felt bad cutting games short and I knew my kids didn't like it either but we had to get to the lesson. I was teaching tonight about Rules. I feel like it was one of my best lessons so far and the kids were really involved. They were paying close attention, had questions, good responses, and lots of comments. We sacrificed our 2nd game time for 10 extra minutes of discussion. Sometimes I wonder if anything I say is making an impact on the kids so it was really encouraging to have such a great response from them tonight. After the lesson we went straight to worship, which we moved 10 minutes earlier in the schedule because we have been getting out of session less than half way through. I helped Trenton lead tonight and I think it was the best worship time yet. The kids were all super engaged and singing and doing the motions. I loved that I could hear them all singing so well. I made eye contact with so many of them and received funny faces, smiles, and enthusiastic motions in return. I had a blast and was SO sad when Ellen came to tell us session was out. I could have spent another hour with my kids!

Bible study tonight was about Galatians 3:1-14. We talked about faith rather than the law that determines righteousness. It wasn't anything new for me but yet such a good reminder that regardless of all the "Christian" things I do, if I'm not living for the Lord they are meaningless. It tied in so well with our devotion this morning which was about having a relationship and not a religion--not reading our Bible because we have to as a check-list item but because we want to spend time with God. mmmm...sounds familiar to what I was posting on yesterday :) God's timing is awesome!

Finished the evening in the rec center with Jill, Zach, and Jordan and then Trenton joined us to go touch the beach and pray. How cool is that to walk to the beach after work with some amazing people and all pray together?!?!

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  1. Maybe it is time for that speaker to retire if he can't keep the audience awake. We had no problem with our speakers the week I was there. Hmmmm. Such a great job you have when you are learning and growing right along with your students.
    Yeah on cleared up hearing!!!