Sunday, July 19, 2009

Quick Trip

Well, I am currently sitting in the Salt Lake City airport waiting for my flight home. I was in So Cal this past weekend for a wedding--the first of the cousins on my dad's side of the family to get married! If you didn't already know this about me, I love weddings and theirs was no exception! The music, the flowers, the vows, the dress, the ring, the dance, the smiles and the laughter! The story of their first kiss and engagement was SO romantic. A walk along the beach. They saw a shooting star and both made a wish. He asked her what she wished for. She wouldn't tell because then it doesn't come true. He kissed her and then she said, 'that's what I wished for"! Engagement story was a re-enactment of that date: a walk on the beach to the same location and then a beautiful ring. :) Isn't that so cute???

Oh, I am such a romantic! I really want a cute, romantic, thoughtful, and unique engagement story. I mean if I get a cliche fancy dinner and then down on one knee proposal when the time comes, it's not like I'm gonna refuse. I know I will love however my story goes but I fear being disappointed that it's not some really sweet story. I want so meting so cute and wonderful!

My cousins did a couple cool things at their wedding that I have never seen before and will have to keep in mind. Beginning the reception was an introduction of the parents and wedding party with little stories of how those people affected the bride and/or groom's life. Then the new couple was introduced and they sat back to back each holding a pink and blue flag. They played the Newlywed game and were asked about 20 questions such as "who takes longer showers, who is the better driver, who will take out the trash", etc and they would both raise a flag indicating who they thought the answer was. They agreed on a lot of them but the ones they disagreed on were really funny. The last question was my favorite: "who was the better catch?" And instantly, the groom raised the pink flag and the bride raised the blue flag! Awwww :) They also had about 10 guests play musical chairs but rather than grab a chair first, they had to grab items such as grocery receipts, make-up compact, specific car keys from other guests and then get back to the seats first. One of my aunts had to do it and it was so funny to watch her run around! Such a fun and beautiful wedding.

I have another cousin on that side getting married in October and just found out today about some friends getting engaged! We are all growing up!

Aside from the wedding, my trip to California also included a wonderful day with my roomie and hanging out with family. My roomie and I looked at pictures, talked, went to lunch at CPK and got French pedicures, so fun! Seeing family and catching up with everyone was fun as well. The weather wasn't too bad. A bit hot a few times but overall enjoyable.

I left the palm trees this morning and in 3 hours I will be back on a plane and then back home to the pine trees.


  1. I love weddings too. Planning them is the most fun!!!! :) I am going home to PA next weekend to photog my SIL's mom's wedding.

    Speaking of engagement stories...You better not say no if you don't get a unique romantic proposal!! LOL My BFF actually had said if her ring wasn't a certain size and if he didn't propose in a certain way she would say no...and ummmm this was her boyfriend of four years already and she was saying these things. I had many a conversation with her over that and then they separated for about six months, and somehow in between all that she must have hit reality, because when he did finally ask her, she said yes. ;) It's more than the size of a ring or a proposal for sure!

  2. Yes,having romantic ideas is fun as long as you realize things might not happen like that. It could be BETTER! It will most likely be different. :D